1. quadrate, rectangle, Rare. tetragon; block, cube.
2. try square, T-square, measure, ruler, straightedge, set square, carpenter's square.
3. plaza, place, park, piazza, forum, rialto; town green, green, town common, common, marketplace, market, public square, (in ancient Greece) agora; block, city block; tract, section, close, enclave, enclosure, quadrangle, Inf. quad.
4.Slang. conformer, conventionalist, traditionalist, conformist, Inf. middle-class type; classicist, formalist, precisianist, Inf. longhair, Inf. dodo, Inf. fuddy-duddy, Inf. mossback.
5. quadrate, cube, dice; block out, mark off, measure off; set at right angles, line up.
6.(of the shoulders or back) straighten, straighten up, set, throw back; stiffen, tense, make rigid.
7. true, true up, render.true, plumb, make plumb; regulate, adjust, set, try, fix, rectify, resolve; equalize, flatten, smooth, even off or out, align, coordinate; fit, tailor, measure, proportion; put in order, order, neat-en, put to rights, right, set right; settle, arrange, unravel, disentangle.
8.Often square with adapt, reconcile, synchronize, Inf. sync; compose, harmonize, coordinate, balance, compensate; agree, accord, suit, correspond, conform, accommodate, comport with, be congruous, comply; adjust to, trim to, cut to, gear to, key to, be in tune, be in unison; combine, team, match, tally, dovetail, Inf. jibe, wash; fit together, integrate; prove, conclude, clinch.
9. pacify, make peace, come to terms, patch up, mend; clear up, solve, heal, bridge over, mediate, negotiate.
10.Often square up pay off, settle, settle up, pay in full, Inf. pay up; discharge, liquidate, honor; settle with, settle or square accounts, square oneself with, get square with; atone, make restitution, satisfy, meet one's obligations, make good, make up for, Inf. square things; even the score, pay old debts, clear the board, Inf. ante up, Inf. pay one's dues, Inf. wipe the slate clean; recompense, pay back, repay, reimburse, compensate.
11.Slang. bribe, suborn, fix, rig; purchase, Inf. buy, Inf. buy off, corrupt, tamper with.
12. square off take a stance, toe the mark, Inf. assume the position; be at the ready, be on guard, be ready to fight, prepare to do battle, make ready, stand toe to toe, wait for the bell, take the measure of [s.o.]; confront, come face to face, face, challenge, defy; disagree, conflict, collide, come to blows, take exception, offer resistance, show fight, take one's stand.
13. angular, cornered, right-angled, sharp-angled; sharp, neat, folded, tucked in, boxed.
14. quadrangular, foursquare, cubic, cubiform, cube-shaped, rectangular; cubed, diced, boxy.
15. equal, on a par, commensurate, proportionate, measured, uniform; consistent, accordant, harmonious; counterpoised, counterbalancing, equiponderating.
16. straight, level, even, true, exact, precise, absolute; accurate, close, faithful, correct, right, justified; specific, strict, on the line.
17. corresponding, balanced, poised, parallel, symmetrical; appropriate, suitable, meet, fit, satisfactory, well-balanced.
18. paid off or up, Inf. quits, Inf. even-steven, Inf. in the black, Inf. out of the red, Inf. on the board, Inf. having a clean slate.
19.Informal. just, fair, honest, fair and square, on the up-and-up, on the level, on the square, Inf. straight-arrow; as it should be, right and proper, fit, fitting; even, even-handed, fair-minded, sporting, square-dealing, Inf. square-shooting, honest as the day is long.
20.Informal. straightforward, direct, unequivocal, plain-spoken, explicit, undeceptive, undeceiving, Inf. straight-out; open, open and aboveboard, bona fide, downright, straight, guileless, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, tried and true, Inf. salt of the earth, Inf. straight as a die.
21.Slang. conventional, conservative, conformist, orthodox, traditionalistic, formalistic, precisianistic, stiff-necked, strait-laced, Inf. stiff as a board, Inf. stiff, Inf. stuffy, Inf. uptight; trite, banal, unoriginal, Inf. corny; stock, set, commonplace, hackneyed, stale, musty, dull, boring, predictable, unimaginative, Inf. not hip, Inf. not with it, Inf. out of it, Sl. for the birds.

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